Meloxicam 99%

    Meloxicam 99%

    HS Code : 2823000000
    CAS No. : 71125-38-7
    FOODCHEM No. : V106
    Qty in 20′ FC : 10000.00 KGS
    Min. Order : 100.00 KGS
    Packaging : 25 KGS/DRUM

    Payment Terms : L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,O/A
    Delivery Time : 2-3


Items Standard
Assay ≥99%
Appearance light yellow or almost light yellow crystalline powder
Sulfated ash ≤0.1%
Total impurities ≤0.3%
Loss on drying ≤0.5%
Heavy Metals NMT10ppm

Why choose Foodchem

• 1000 ㎡ owned office and 3000 ㎡ warehouse
• FCL, 2-5mt LCL, long contract, year contract available

• Wholly owned production plant (1200㎡)

• Sales to more than 70 countries

• Halal, Kosher, ISO 9001 certified

• Over 9 years of experience

• 200 products with competitive price


* what kind of payment can be accepted by FOODCHEM?

The most common method of payment is T / T, L / C, D / P, D / A, O / A, and so on.

* What is Meloxicam minimum order quantity?

Different products have different MOQ, Meloxicam from the amount of 500 kg, our customers are overseas distributors and food processing plants, for home use and a small amount of experimental use, please contact your local distributor.

* How long can Meloxicam be shipped?

Normally, we will ship in 7-15 days of receipt of the deposit.

* Is FOODCHEM a manufacturer or trader?

Foodchem both the manufacturer and also traders, FOODCHEM before China Food Additives three traders, some of which are also products of our own generation, for example: gelatin.

* How much are Meloxicam?

Foodchem is China’s leading Meloxicam manufacturers and traders, engaged in the production and trade Meloxicam has 10 years of history, we can provide the most cost-effective Meloxicam for you.

* what document can be provide from FOODCHEM?

Under normal circumstances, we provide commercial invoices, packing slips, bills of lading, COA, health certificate and certificate of origin. If you have any special requirements of the market, please contact us.

* what kind of Transportation will be provided from FOODCHEM?

Our main mode of transport is by sea, air and rail transport are also available.

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